Metal lid, neck RTS 63mm, Gold, PVC gasket, Pasteurizable

Metal lid, neck RTS 63mm, Gold, PVC gasket, Pasteurizable

Ref. : 21098

  • 0.0 ML
  • Neck finish : Neck finish 63TO
  • Sealed : PVC liner
  • Colour : Gold
  • Material : Tinplate
  • Packaging : Bundle of 1 Unit(s)
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To close your glass jam jars or your glass bottles, we have metal twist-off lids. These metal twist-off or lug lids come in three colours: white metal, gold metal and black metal.

Twist-off lids can be used to seal glass bottles and jars, but they can also be repurposed for use as decorative elements in their own right! For example, we used gold-tone and white metal twist-off lids to decorate our Christmas tree. Find all the craft projects using metal lids here.

We also carry plastic lids, to close your PET plastic or PP plastic jars, etc.