Clear PP plastic jar, 40ml, Uni, screw, D.34mm H.53mm with white screw cap D.40mm

Clear PP plastic jar, 40ml, Uni, screw, D.34mm H.53mm with white screw cap D.40mm

Ref. : 20783

  • 40.0 ML
  • Capacity : 40 ML
  • Neck finish : Diameter 40 mm
  • Colour : Crystal
  • Shape : Round
  • Range / Type : Uni Screw
  • Tamper-evident : No
  • Material : PP
  • Diameter : 40 mm
  • Height : 53 mm
  • Packaging : Bundle of 384 Unit(s)
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Clear PP plastic jar, 40ml, Uni, screw, D.40mm H.53mm with white screw cap

our advice This range of plastic jars is made of PP. Are you aware of the different types of plastic materials? Our Ebottles experts provide a brief description of common plastic container resin materials, their qualities, usages and limitations. Click here to read this article.

PP jars can be used for food products (candy, salt, spices, powders, dietary complements, ...). It is also possible to store small elements in it (screw, nut, blot, ...) or health products and veterinary products. If you are making your own cosmetics, you can also keep your homemade creams in these jars.

PP jars are suitable for hot-fill processes up to 70 or 80°C. For optimal heat resistance, we recommend that you opt for glass jars.

For other PP products, see PP bottles.

For other jars, see plastic jars, PET or PE-PVC. According to your needs, you can also be interested in these specific jars: cosmetics jars or glass jars, for food uses or for laboratory uses.