Clear flint glass food jar, Round, 1062ml, neck 82TO, 370gr

Clear flint glass food jar, Round, 1062ml, neck 82TO, 370gr

Ref. : 20518

  • 1062.0 ML
  • Capacity : 1062 ML
  • Neck finish : Neck finish 82TO
  • Colour : Crystal
  • Shape : Round
  • Range / Type : Standardized & Standard
  • Weight : 370 g
  • Material : Glass
  • Diameter : 98 mm
  • Length : 0 mm
  • Width : 0 mm
  • Height : 176 mm
  • Packaging : Bundle of 24 Unit(s)
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18,96 € pre-tax / Bundle 24 Unit(s)/ Bundle or 0,79 € pre-tax per Unit(s)
  • Quantity :
  • Bundle, or 24 Unit(s)
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18,96 € pre-tax

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Clear flint glass food jar, round
Capacity of 1062ml, for food use
Height : 17.6 cm

Sold per bundles of 24 units.
18,96€ pre-tax per bundles

Volume discount offered.

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