Clear fancy glass bottle, 200ml, Dama round, ring neck, opening 17.5mm

Clear fancy glass bottle, 200ml, Dama round, ring neck, opening 17.5mm

Ref. : 20382

  • 200.0 ML
  • Capacity : 200 ML
  • Neck finish : Ring neck
  • Colour : Crystal
  • Weight : 350 g
  • Range / Type : Deco
  • Shape : Round
  • Diameter : 51.5 mm
  • Length : 0 mm
  • Width : 0 mm
  • Height : 320 mm
  • Packaging : Bundle of 22 Unit(s)
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37,62 € pre-tax / Bundle 22 Unit(s)/ Bundle or 1,71 € pre-tax per Unit(s)
  • Quantity :
  • Bundle, or 22 Unit(s)
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37,62 € pre-tax

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Ebottles offers a large range of glass products. Glass products have several advantages and mostly, it can be reused many times.

Fancy bottles can be used as vases and single-flower vases or even as decorative bottles, if you add coloured sand or flower in it. You can also fill these fancy bottles with drinks (alcohol, lemonades, juices, milk, ice tea, …) and offer it. To define which bottle better fits to your style or to the one you want to offer it, read the article: “one bottle, one style!".

In our “get inspired” section, you will also find recipes for this range of bottles, and especially a cherry lemonade recipe. You can also read DIY or food articles to be inspired for your other glass products (mosquito repellent in a glass jar, recipe of the plum jam and many other inspiring articles).

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