A- Natural HDPE plastic bottle, 125ml, classic, neck 24/410, 15 gr

A- Natural HDPE plastic bottle, 125ml, classic, neck 24/410, 15 gr

Ref. : 17759

  • 125.0 ML
  • Capacity : 125 ML
  • Neck finish : Neck finish 24/410
  • Colour : Natural
  • Shape : Cylinder
  • Weight : 0.015 Kg
  • Range / Type : Classic
  • Material : HDPE
  • Rating : Not UN-Rated
  • Tamper-evident : No
  • Child-resistant : No
  • Tactile symbol : No
  • Diameter : 41 mm
  • Length : 0 mm
  • Width : 0 mm
  • Packaging : Cardboard of 270 Unit(s)
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