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Written on 2016-12-16


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The website belongs to FIDEL, located at : 75, avenue du Colonel Rol-Tanguy, 93240, Stains, France. (SIREN 785.594.979 / Num VAT : FR05 785.594.979).

Our phone number : +33 (0)2 51 71 30 09

Email address :


The company is managed by the Fidel Fillaud group, owner of FIDEL. Fidel Fillaud group is headquartered in:


3 rue des Prairies
ZAC du Taillis
Les Sorinières - France.


The director of the publication is M. Jean-François BOUTIER, as CEO of the Fidel Fillaud group.



Site hosting


The website hosting is managed by Proginov (Limited Company - LC), located in:


36 rue de la Guillauderie
Parc d'activités de Tournebride
44118 La Chevrolière - France.


The phone number of Proginov (LC) is 02 51 70 93 93 and its email address is



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General terms and conditions of the website can be accessed through this link.


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Payments are carried out by an independent third party, Paybox, which uses a process of SSL encryption. This process ensures the confidentiality of banking information. Thus, it is impossible to read data during its transfer or while entered on the website.


Online payment on is secured. Data banking that you transfer is encrypted (SSL encryption): no uncoded information passes through the network. Moreover, data is directly verified by the paying agency. Consequently, you are doubly protected against misuse and fraud.


Verification codes are mandatory for the following types of cards: MasterCard, VISA and CB.

Visa and MasterCard payments are secured by the 3D-Secure system.


  • Data collection and confidentiality


Personal and confidential data communicated during the buying process are only used for the treatment of your purchase. The data collected will not be transferred, exchanged or rented to third-parties.


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In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 -modified, you can access, rectify or delete personal data anytime.
You have the opportunity to exercise that right contacting us at:


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To surf on the website, and to have cookies accepted, parameters should have been applied on your browser before.


 Cookies on website are the following:


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