Cosmetic Jar : Find out about our selected range

Discover our range of PP plastic jars for cosmetics.

These PP plastic jars feature elegant, high gloss and rounded designs to show off your cosmetic products: jars for face and body creams, PP jars for hand lotions, etc.
- PP cosmetic jar, 50 ml, click here
- PP cosmetic jar, 100 ml, click here


 Our selection includes small capacities for cosmetic products such as balms, ointments and make-up:
- PP cosmetic jar, 5 ml, click here
- PP cosmetic jar, 15 ml, click here
- PP cosmetic jar, 30 ml, click here


These PP plastic jars come with lids and seals and are perfect for packaging pharmaceuticals and dietary products, as well as human health products and veterinary products:
- PP plastic jar for pharmaceutical powders
- PP plastic jars for capsules
- PP plastic jars for medicine
- PP plastic jars for tablets, etc.

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