One bottle, one style!

To decorate your tables for special events like weddings or birthdays, or even simply to offer, consider vases and single-flower vases.

Our fancy bottles allow to create plenty of styles depending on your flowers !



> Looking for a romantic, design or sophisticated style?

Thanks to our empty glass bottles, you are ensured to decorate your interior with success.

Moreover, you will be able to alternate easily different syles! You will just have to change the flower in the vase to change your style, whatever the flower, the vase will highlight its features.

You can also use these glass bottles to decorate wedding tables in a simple and classy way. Thereafter, if you plan a romantic diner, you will also be able to reuse your clear glass bottle. You will just have to add a rose in the empty glass bottle.



empty glass bottle


See our selection of design glass bottles:


empty glass bottle empty glass bottle empty glass bottle


Clear fancy glass bottle, Dama range, capacity of 200 ml


empty glass bottle


Clear fancy glass bottle, Opera range, capacity of 100 ml


empty glass bottle


This long and narrow bottle is also available in other capacities :
200 ml, 350 ml, 375 ml and 500 ml.



If you loke the Opera bottle, find out about a narrower bottle, the one called Futura Elegantissima

empty glass bottle



> Looking for a bucolic or rustic style?


A glass bottle with a few meadow flowers will allow you to create, in a simply manner, a refined look.


See our selection of rustic glass bottles:


vintage bottle vintage bottle


Clear fancy glass bottle, Jenievre range,
capacity of 40 ml


vintage bottle


Do you like this vase ?
Find out about a similar one, with a capacity of 30 ml, the tubular bottle



Empty glass bottle of 200 ml, Rustica


vintage bottle


vintage bottle


> Looking for a vintage style?


For a vintage atmosphere, we suggest clear glass bottles with some character !



See our selection of bottles with originality and authenticity:


bottle with handle vintage bottle vintage bottle


Glass bottle with handle,
capacity of 200 ml


bottle with handle


Transparent bottle Apotheker,
capacity of 40 ml


vintage bottle


Find out about another vintage small bottle from the Apotheker range : click here



Glass flask, capacity of 500 ml,
Tulipano range


vintage bottle


Also available in a 200 ml format




> Looking for a customized decoration?


Do not hesitate to add color to your transparent bottles made of glass ! You can easily use spray paint to personalize them. For example, you can choose clear wine bottles.


Here are some empty wine bottles you could use:


wine bottle whisky bottle


Glass wine bottle,
capacity of 750 ml


wine bottle


Also available in other formats:


- Clear glass wine bottles in 375 ml and 750 ml
- Green glass wine bottles in 375 ml and 750 ml



Whisky bottle,
capacity of 700 ml


whisky bottle