DIY Christmas: Personalised lids to decorate your Christmas tree

The end of year holidays are approaching and the children are excited to decorate the Christmas tree. This year don’t just decorate your tree, personalise it! You just need a few lids and a little imagination...


christmas tree

Here is a DIY activity you can do with your children during the Christmas holidays, and they’ll love seeing their gifts under the tree decorated with these cute ornaments they made themselves:



Easy Cheap  1h 


What you’ll need:



  • Gold-tone metal lids, white plastic lids, black plastic lids or coloured lids and caps, it’s up to you! Find the screw lids we recommend at the end of the article
  • Paint and snow spray if you like
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Felt, buttons or anything else you can use to create your "Christmas lids"
  • Ribbons (to hang the lids)
  • Adhesive tape (to attach the ribbons to the lids)




Instructions to decorate your tree from screw caps:


There are countless ways to decorate your screw-type lids! You can use metal twist-off lids and/or plastic screw caps, in any colour and any style. Here are a few of our ornaments made with different types of lids:





thick lids

For twist-off lids or other thick lids like plastic screw caps:


You can decorate the inner or outer face depending on how thick they are. To glue a figurine on the lid, you can choose a thicker lid and decorate the inner face:

Use snow spray to flock the inner face of the metal lid. This will make the inside white and provide a rough surface. Glue the figurine on this snowy backdrop, pressing down firmly on the lid. Then tape a ribbon to the back of the lid so you can hang it on the tree. You’ve made your first ornament!





plastic caps with a smooth outer surface



For plastic caps with a smooth outer surface

You can create a snowman, Santa Claus or elf by joining two caps together to create a body and head.

Choose a small plastic cap and a larger cap of the same material and colour.

Join the two plsatic caps, either with tape, or for a better hold, by drilling a small hole in each cap and joining them with fishing line or string. It’s easier to drill holes in plastic caps than in metal lids.

Then decorate the plastic caps to create your ornament.



  • For a snowman, you can cut out a few black circles to make the eyes and jacket buttons. Add a drawing of a carrot for the nose, and don’t forget the scarf, which you make using a scrap of fabric or a ribbon.
  • For a Santa, you can draw the eyes, hat and coat and glue them on the white cap. To create Santa’s beard, glue some cotton onto the white plastic cap.




twist-off lids



For thin lids like twist-off lids

You can just draw a Christmas design on a piece of paper and glue it on the back of a gold, silver or any colour lid. To hang it, tape a ribbon to the back.






To make these ornaments, we recommend the following lids and caps: