Advent calendar with hanging jars
hanging jar
Homemade advent calendars are always so much nicer than store-bought calendars.

You can add a touch of originality that reflects your personality and matches your interior decor.

You can spend some fun family time making it with your children.

You can put the chocolates of your choice or add fruit, cookies or other little surprises.

Even if you don’t know how to paint, sew or draw, this advent calendar is easy to make.

There are a thousand and one reasons to make your own advent calendar, so go ahead and get creative! December is coming, so we’ve made a tutorial showing you how to make an advent calendar with lovely clear jars. This advent calendar is quick and easy to make, and just as easy to personalise to match your interior decor!

The advent calendar with small plastic hanging jars

For our 2017 advent calendar, we placed cotton balls in clear jars to show a glimpse of the chocolates or surprises without giving too much away.

If you want to keep the surprises more fully hidden, you can put pieces of fabric in the jars echoing the decor of your living room, or even use white jars instead of clear jars.

On these small plastic jars, we have alternated silver lids and transparent white lids. The screw-on lids keep the surprise inside the jar but they also serve to hold the jute twine.

The transparent plastic jars are tied to one another by flax or jute twine. We had started by making bows around each empty jar. It was very pretty, but the jars slipped out. To make sure the calendar will stand up to children’s little hands, we recommend instead that you make double knots and one big double bow on the branch.

If you use our method, in other words, joining the plastic jars by double knots, you’ll need 12 meters of flax or jute twine. If you plan to make a bow around each jar, you’ll need approximately 13 or 14 meters of twine.

The project should take one or two hours (or even a little more if your children are helping).



Here is the tutorial showing you how to make the calendar with small plastic hanging jars:

Medium    Average budget 2h  24 small plastic jar


What you’ll need:



  • A tree branch

  • 12 meters of jute twine (or more if you make bows around each jar)
  • 24 white or clear jars and their lids*
  • Cotton balls or fabric, to hide the chocolates if you’re using clear jars
  • Holly, white snowballs, clips, and decorative items
  • Buttons, stickers or stars cut out of fancy paper, numbered 1 to 24, to paste on your lids
  • 24 chocolates or 24 surprises




Start by tying the plastic jars together. We first cut 5 pieces of jute twine and tied 4 to 6 jars on each piece. Be careful to leave enough twine above the small jars to be able to tie a bow around the branch. Test the length beforehand if necessary.






After tying the jars on the pieces of twine, fill them with cotton balls or fabric and hide chocolates in them.






Next create the decorations for your aluminium and plastic screw lids. We pasted buttons numbered 1 to 24 onto each screw lid. You can customize your lids by printing the numbers on stars cut from fancy paper, painting them on or using a gold-tone marker, etc. Put the screw lids on your transparent jars in random order. Then, hang your jars on the branch by making a nice bow and add decorative elements like holly.





To hang your advent calendar, use string .You can tye a bow with jute twine around it to hide the string.





Wait until December 1, and open just one jar per day, no matter how tempted you are! Discover 2 styles : a modern and sober advent calendar and another one, more traditionnal, with a Christmas atmosphere.















Our selection of small plastic jars for making your advent calendar:


Small screw-cap :
PET plastic cap, 50 ml


pot plastique transparent

> This jar appears on the photo above





Small opaque jar,
with a capacity of 45ml



pot plastique blanc







Aluminium tin,
capacity of 30 ml




boite aluminium






Find out about aluminium
and plastic caps associated to this jar:


- Aluminium cap:

couvercle alu


> This cap appears on the photo above


White plastic cap:

couvercle plastique blanc





Find out about the white
plastic cap associated to this jar:

White plastic cap:

couvercle plastique blanc





Find out about the lid
associated to this tin:


Aluminium lid:

couvercle alu





To see the complete range of transparent jars, made of PET, click below:

decouvrir gamme pot pet


bouchon liege

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