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Whether it is for a wedding, a baptism or a communion, you can easily add a personal touch to your table decor. For example, it is fairly simple to decorate small aluminium tins, plastic boxes or even bottles and jars to give wedding favours to your guests.

Let’s focus on one of the must-have ingredients in a kitchen: oil. For your kitchen design, you do not have to look for uncommon accessories: the new trend is to show your ingredients and set it up. It can be easily done with simple glass bottles, filled with oil.

Valentine's Day will be here soon! On February 14, remember to pay special attention to your sweetheart or your friends.

Christmas is already far behind us. Today, we celebrate the Candlemas... but do you know why the Christians eat crepes at Candlemas?

The days are getting shorter and there is already a chill in the air. What better than some warm soup to cheer you up and nourish your soul? Soup is a timeless favourite that can be made to suit all tastes and cravings. So we've come up with a winter vegetable soup you can make with vegetables from the garden and store in a glass bottle.

Mark the transition to the New Year with a beautifully decorated table! Have you started to think about your table decor?

 This week, we’re posting an idea that will look great with any style: candle holders.

For this third week of December, here’s another Special Christmas Craft project. After the Christmas tree ornaments made from plastic screw lids and metal screw lids and the snow globes to decorate your lounge, now let’s look at another key Christmas decor item: your Holiday Table.

Let’s admit it, we all love playing with snow globes. Why not make your own Christmas snow globes, to decorate your living room, your tree or your holiday table.

The end of year holidays are approaching and the children are excited to decorate the Christmas tree. This year don’t just decorate your tree, personalise it! You just need a few lids and a little imagination...

Homemade advent calendars are always so much nicer than store-bought calendars.

You can add a touch of originality that reflects your personality and matches your interior decor.

You can spend some fun family time making it with your children.