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Epiphany Day is already here, and we have something special for people who collect King Cake figurines or who were crowned king or queen for the day - a clear plastic jar where you can keep your treasures!

Are you looking for a recipe idea for Christmas? Then let us suggest an idea for a Christmas dessert that is easy to make and delicious! Below is a recipe for a dessert in a jar, the tiramisu:

For your New Year’s Eve party, remember to offer confetti to all your guests!


At midnight, the fun will begin ... but sometimes only a handful of guests share the big bag of confetti among themselves! This year, there’ll be no need for such rivalry!

As the Christmas and New Year festivities approach, decoration–and therefore ambiance–in homes is becoming highly important.


The days are getting shorter and the time we spend indoors at home longer. It is therefore all the more urgent to create a cosy nest with beautiful Christmas decorations, fairy lights, a Christmas tree, and suchlike. This also helps us properly feel the spirit of the Christmas and New Year festive period.

It is highly important to introduce music to toddlers. Many studies have demonstrated the positive impact music has on children’s speech, language, motor skills, concentration and other abilities.

For this day devoted to childminders (or, more broadly, all who look after children, such as teaching assistants, primary-school teachers and day-care helpers), we are suggesting a musical activity to carry out with and for children.

Cacti, ivy, monstera deliciosa, ficus ... plants are increasingly enhancing interiors. This green trend finds expression in frames, urban-jungle posters, terraria and entire collections of different plant species.


Whether it is for a wedding, a baptism or a communion, you can easily add a personal touch to your table decor. For example, it is fairly simple to decorate small aluminium tins, plastic boxes or even bottles and jars to give wedding favours to your guests.

Let’s focus on one of the must-have ingredients in a kitchen: oil. For your kitchen design, you do not have to look for uncommon accessories: the new trend is to show your ingredients and set it up. It can be easily done with simple glass bottles, filled with oil.

Valentine's Day will be here soon! On February 14, remember to pay special attention to your sweetheart or your friends.

Christmas is already far behind us. Today, we celebrate the Candlemas... but do you know why the Christians eat crepes at Candlemas?