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One accessory absolutely essential to look after your plants: the spray bottle.

BBQs are a way to spend time with friends or family, and enjoy great food! Father's Day and warmer weather go hand in hand so here is an original gift idea: a barbecue rub!

Parents' Day will be here soon! Are you looking for a creative idea to make with children?


This manual activity is ideal for children, extremely easy to make and the difficulty can be adapted to their age.

For St. Patrick's Day, look at life through green-tinted glasses!


Decorate your house in the colours of Ireland... And why not serve a green cocktail too?

For Valentine’s Day, here’s a simple gift idea: a small jar filled with thoughtful items for your Valentine. These can be little gifts or love notes to open every day of the year.

Do you love chocolate hazelnut spread? Here is a delicious and totally addictive recipe! In addition to being amazingly good, this spread is fast and easy to make, inexpensive and quite healthy compared to the jars of spread sold in supermarkets.

Epiphany Day is already here, and we have something special for people who collect King Cake figurines or who were crowned king or queen for the day - a clear plastic jar where you can keep your treasures!

Are you looking for a recipe idea for Christmas? Then let us suggest an idea for a Christmas dessert that is easy to make and delicious! Below is a recipe for a dessert in a jar, the tiramisu:

For your New Year’s Eve party, remember to offer confetti to all your guests!


At midnight, the fun will begin ... but sometimes only a handful of guests share the big bag of confetti among themselves! This year, there’ll be no need for such rivalry!

As the Christmas and New Year festivities approach, decoration–and therefore ambiance–in homes is becoming highly important.


The days are getting shorter and the time we spend indoors at home longer. It is therefore all the more urgent to create a cosy nest with beautiful Christmas decorations, fairy lights, a Christmas tree, and suchlike. This also helps us properly feel the spirit of the Christmas and New Year festive period.