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Making homemade cosmetics is a responsible choice, both for ourselves and for our planet. By refilling your containers with your own homemade beauty products, you are reducing waste. You can reuse your glass jars, plastic bottles, etc. as many times as you like, which is an easy way to do something for the planet.


In addition, you are also opting for a healthier lifestyle by not using skincare products that contain chemicals. But you do need to be careful not to mix up ingredients that can be harmful, and the best way to do this is to make your cosmetics with as few active ingredients as possible, like the make-up remover recipe we provide below.

Making your own fabric softener is very easy, organic and better for the planet, so why not do it? You only need a few natural ingredients, as well as a 1L plastic bottle.

The ingredients in conventional detergents sold in stores can often be considered harmful. Moreover, it is important to reuse our containers to reduce waste and help protect the environment.

Get in the Christmas spirit by getting started on your Christmas decorations!

Why not use small clear lightweight jars for decorations that are both personalised and reusable and that you can change each year to match your decor depending on what you put in them.

The grape harvest will soon begin for winegrowers and winemakers. Let's learn more about the different stages of the grape harvest until the wine is bottled in 75 cl wine bottles.

This summer, take advantage of the nice weather to make apricot jam.


Paula already gave us advice for making plum jam. This summer, Paula is back with new suggestions and offers all her tips and tricks for making another of her specialities: apricot jam. A recipe tested and approved numerous times!

One accessory absolutely essential to look after your plants: the spray bottle.

BBQs are a way to spend time with friends or family, and enjoy great food! Father's Day and warmer weather go hand in hand so here is an original gift idea: a barbecue rub!

Parents' Day will be here soon! Are you looking for a creative idea to make with children?


This manual activity is ideal for children, extremely easy to make and the difficulty can be adapted to their age.

For St. Patrick's Day, look at life through green-tinted glasses!


Decorate your house in the colours of Ireland... And why not serve a green cocktail too?