Q: What is your minimum order?


A: On ebottles.eu, there is no minimum order. 


Q: What is your warranty policy?

A: All items sold on www.ebottles.eu comply with current standards and specifications. Each item described on the website, however, is not necessarily suitable for every kind of use.


The warranty covers only manufacturing defects.


Important: It is the packager's responsibility to check the chemical and physical compatibility of the container (material - interior lining - seal) with the packaged product, under normal conditions of filling, storage and transportation.

Depending on the final use of our containers, it is the packager's responsibility to comply with the local laws in your country.

         transportation of hazardous materials

         food contact

         child-resistant closure

         environmental tax

We recommend that you always order sample containers to test compatibility with your products prior to use.


Q: Can I get samples?

A: Yes, you can order samples.

If the container capacity is less than or equal to 2 litres, you can order 2 samples for €25, excluding VAT.  For international orders, we reserve the right to charge extra depending on the shipping costs.  If you subsequently order at least €150 worth of merchandise, we will refund half the price of the samples.

Q: Where do you ship the merchandise from?


A: All orders are shipped from our warehouse in Antwerp.


Q: Can I come and pick up my order there?


A: Yes, after written confirmation.  


Q: Is it safe for me to use my credit card?


A: Yes, it is totally safe.


Q: Is your website secure?


A: Yes.

Our website uses 3-D Secure technology. 

Q: Where can I find out about my order status? What are your business hours?

A: You can call Customer Service at +32 (0) 3/828 00 36, Monday to Thursday from 08.30 - 16.30 and Friday from 08.30 - 12.00.  We are closed on the following national holidays:  Jan 1, Apr 25, May 1, Jun 2, Jul 21, Aug 15, Nov 1, Nov 11 and Dec 25.

Q: What if I'm not satisfied with my purchase?

A: All returns and exchanges are subject to a 25% restocking fee.
All items can be returned within 15 days of receipt. The shipping costs for returned items are not refunded.