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Sold per Bundle of 90

  • Capacity :250 ML
  • Neck finish :Neck finish 70/400
  • Colour :Crystal
  • Shape :Cylinder

44,10 € pre-tax / 


or 0,49 € pre-tax per Unit(s)
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[Homemade] Mathilde's homemade cosmetics

Making homemade cosmetics is a responsible choice, both for ourselves and for our planet. By refilling your containers with your own homemade beauty products, you are reducing waste. You can reuse your glass jars, plastic bottles, etc. as many times as you like, which is an easy way to do something for the planet.


In addition, you are also opting for a healthier lifestyle by not using skincare products that contain chemicals. But you do need to be careful not to mix up ingredients that can be harmful, and the best way to do this is to make your cosmetics with as few active ingredients as possible, like the make-up remover recipe we provide below.