Swing-top lids, pipette lids and droppers: Discover our selection

Are you looking for a closure that fits your bottles and jars? In addition to the standard closures such as screw caps and twist-off lids, we also carry special closures:

  • Swing-top or wire bale closures (for lemonade, cider or carbonated water)
  • Dispensing caps or nozzles (for coulis or sauces, etc.)
  • Glass pipette lids in red, black or white for Health and Pharma or food-grade pipette bottles.
  • Dropper lids (for eye drops, essential oils, etc.) for dropper bottles
  • Tamper-evident white or black brush lids (for nail polish)
  • DiscTop dispenser caps (for makeup remover, hand sanitiser, etc.)
  • Flip-top caps (for shampoos, shower gel, etc.)
  • Reducer applicator caps (for syrup)
  • Spatula caps (for glue, etc.)


These closures exist in different neck finishes to fit to your bottles and jars, and some have tamper-evident safety features.


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