PE-PVC Plastic Jar: Find out about our selected range

Our range of plastic containers includes PVC jars, recyclable plastic jars (HDPE) and PS jars.


First of all, discover our range of PVC plastic jars. PVC is almost completely impermeable to oxygen and gas, so it offers very good protection for liquids such as oil and vinegar. PVC bottles are also used for shampoos and cosmetics or even for dry products like herbs and spices.


In addition, we also offer a small cylindrical jar with 4 compartments (40 ml), often used as packaging for spices. You can put four different products in a single jar thanks to the lid with 4 flip-top tabs.


Finally, take a look at our large recyclable HDPE plastic containers. These large jars are available with coloured lids (green lid, yellow lid, black lid, blue lid, red lid, white lid) and seals. You need a seal if you want to put food products in the white HDPE pots, from the "Antarès" range. 

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