NEW! Food grade plastic jar : Find out about our selected range of plastic trays

Ebottles offers empty transparent plastic jars made of polypropylene, lightweight and conical in shape, and their matching plastic lids. 


These plastic jars come in difference sizes and are approved for food use


Moreover, thanks to the tamper-evident system, these jars preserve your food under optimal conditions. A tamper-evident jar ensures that as long as the tamper-evident tab is present on the plastic jar, it has not been opened since the plastic lid was first placed on it.

The empty plastic jars and their transparent plastic lids are available in different capacities: 

> small plastic jar - 115 ml,
> small plastic jar - 155 ml,
> transparent plastic jar - 180 ml,
> transparent plastic jar - 280 ml,
> empty plastic jar - 365 ml, 
> large plastic jar - 520 ml, 
> large plastic jar - 870 ml, 
> and large plastic jar - 1.18 L


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